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We're family owned and operated. My Shop Therapy is based out of sunny Los Angeles, California. 

Our family owned and operated jewelry business started over 100 years ago when Grandpa Gilbert Viramontes was a young, silver-mining engineer. As he supervised his installation's safety  for his workers, he dreamt of what could be done with the precious ore that came out of California’s rich mineral deposits.

His beautiful wife, Lucy, taught all their children to draw and paint, and their third child, Ruben, became a professional artist who for years designed Disney-lands and products.  Like his parents before him, Ruben loved silver and precious metals and enjoyed making jewelry. He also honored the Mexican Day of the Dead traditions.

Eventually, he taught his son Dov jewelry-making, and Dov taught Ruben to use the internet. So was born our business of jewelry design, fabrication, and sales. We are the only company in California to offer such a great variety of skull and Day of the Dead jewelry. You may choose any of our pieces and decide if you want them in stainless steel, silver, or gold. You may also design your own pieces and have them fabricated with us. Or you may chat by email or phone about what you would like, and then our family design team will produce first a drawing and then, the actual piece. At Shop Therapy any jewelry fantasy you have in any medium can be brought to you exactly as you imagined it.

We also invite you to see our creative ceramics, clothing and giftware. And remember, if you can't find what you are looking for, we can design it and custom make it for you. At last, a store that is completely responsive to your needs. Never be frustrated again. You're at My Shop Therapy! You can have whatever you want!

Send us your questions at Please allow up to 24 hours for a response, although generally we are quicker. 

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